Sprigs ‘n Sprouts

100_1950Sprigs ‘n Sprouts,  nonprofit farm since 2013 in Pella, operates as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) garden where volunteers share their time and talents to grow and harvest naturally-grown, nutritious produce. We will sell shares in the garden, and customers will receive a weekly basket of whatever produce is ready for harvest that week. Customers will enjoy more than 70 varieties of herbs, vegetables (including many heirloom varieties), and melons distributed from June through September. The income from selling shares in the garden funds construction materials for the house building efforts of the Baja 201 team in La Mision, Mexico.

Sprigs ‘n Sprouts has three purposes:

  1. provide weekly baskets of locally-grown, nutritious fruits and vegetables to people in the Pella area, following organic growing practices
  2. community-building and development as volunteers share their time and talents to work together on the project, including growth in sustainable and healthy living
  3. profits from the sale of annual “shares” in the garden fund short-term mission projects, the first of which is partnering with the Baja 201 team to build houses for families in need in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico

Click Here to Download 2017 Sprigs ‘n Sprouts Brochure

Sprigs ‘n Sprouts began serving the community in 2013 with 1.5 acres of land south of Pella. In 2016, we plan to grow enough produce for 60 paying shareholders to receive a hand-held shopping basket of whatever produce is ready for harvest that week during the June through September growing season.2017 Sprigs ‘n Sprouts Brochure (reduced size)

To learn more about Sprigs ‘n Sprouts, contact:
Rebecca Helland